Yo!Zapp is one of its kind Work Communication Tool.

What makes Yo!Zapp Unique

YoZapp is a real-time team collaboration tool that can be easily integrated into any web application using its Javascript Plugin and guarantees top level confidentiality as well as security of your business data. One 2 one chat, file sharing, groups, broadcasts and audio / video features are worth mentioning from the range of amazingly engaging features, Yo!ZApp offers.

Yo!Zapp is available as a service, so you don’t have to add any hardware infrastructure for start using it.

Yoz!App Integration

It takes only two steps to integrate Yo!Zapp into any web application:

1. Including YoZapp Javascript Client Plugin into your web application. This is done by including the plugin source via cdn.

2. Integrate your application backend to authenticate legit users.

Extreme Data Security:

Since, only the authenticated users can access Yo!Zapp and that too via your authenticated platform your business in the due course of business process, there is not even a bleak possibility that your users can share any business file or data with an outsider if you are using Yoz!App as your business communication tool.

Seamless Integration with all major technologies

Yo!Zapp can be seamlessly integrated with all major technologies like NodeJS, Ruby, Python, RaspberryPi and more.

Instant Messaging and broadcasting

You can send messages in real time to a team or any team member. You can also broadcast the important information/ data file, audio-video message when required in real time.

Audio-Video Messages

You can send precise and concrete audio, video or audio-video messages in real time.

Group Video Chat

Now enjoy the comfort of corporate meetings right from your cabin/desk or wherever you are. Yo!Zapp provides you with the Group Video chat option.

Screen Sharing

You are no more confined to dragging, dropping or sharing files with your peers, you can now share the screen with your peers for better and to the point instant discussion.

Connect with your teams more efficiently than ever

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