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Performance Management and Reports Making

µCRM allows you to manage the performance of your different departments, for example, you can easily keep a check on the performance of your sales team in terms of the sales closed per day. You can easily generate reports and take print outs for future use.

Data Management and security

You can easily manage your customers and employees related data and personalize the level of access as per the requirement and designation of users to ensure the safety of your data. You are more relaxed as only the authorized users can access your data.

Dashboards Management and Home Screen Customization

µCRM allows you to manage your awe inspiring dashboards at your ease. It also allows you to customize the home screens as per the usage, i.e. you can set different home screen for sales team and technical team as per their specific requirements.

Email Client Integration and 3rd Party Integration

µCRM offers you the awesome feature of Email Client Integration, third party integration, i.e. LMI. Apart from this, you can also integrate your SMS and Customer Portal. Payment Gateway Integration is yet another amazing feature of our µCRM.

Call Recording and Quality Management

Call recording is a great feature of our µCRM as it enables you to keep a quality check on the performance of your sales teams and other teams that directly communicate with your customers via µCRM. These calls can be used for future reference as well..

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